My name is Frank Gomez.

I am 82 years old and have been raising, selling and giving away fast growing Poplar Trees that can grow up to ten feet a year. My life long dream has been to see billions of these trees planted in America. The abundance of trees is especially relevant in this Age of Global Warming.

The forests in America’s rural and urban areas have been cut down for financial and aesthetic reasons.

Construction of a new subdivision requires the trees be cut down and replaced with streets and concrete and houses. There were numerous forest fires all across America last year. Strip mining for coal, and many other activities reduce the quality of air and promote cardiovascular illnesses and disease.

My vision is to send my poplar tree cuttings in an easy to understand and use planting kit to many people. The kit includes sixteen cuttings, Grow Bags, rooting compound, soil, a plastic tray and full instructions on how to get them started. These cuttings will grow into seedlings and then can be transplanted in the ground, where in a few years they will be thirty feet tall and provide pollution filtering, beauty to the landscape, and pride for the grower.


In the past, I have sent tree kits free of charge with great results. Now, at my advanced age, I am seeking to fulfill my aspiration of seeing trees planted all across America. I am asking for financial support from anyone interested because this is an investment in the future of America’s landscape!

I am trying to raise $1,000,000. This money will pay for postage and supplies for a little more than 32,200 tree growing kits. I will profit nothing from the cost for boxes, postage, and supplies will be paid out of the balance of the account.

On average it costs me $16 to ship each kit.

Hybrid poplars are not invasive. You plant a tree today, you will have 1 tree in 10 years, however, you can propagate them to no end. From one tree, you can take cuttings in one year and plant another 90 or more trees.

If you have questions about myself or my business or what concerns me in this world, check out my website. It is

Every donation will help out this project that benefits our environment and landscape.